Bali Adventures, Lombok Dreams and Singapore Tales

2nd Leg: Lombok Dreams


Finally arriving in Lombok after scrapping what was left of my nervous system off the floor, I took a good 20 minutes steadying myself on land. Look, I am all for adventure; in fact, I love it! But I also know my limitations. I don’t have that super human mindset I did when I was 20. I wanna live! I wanna live for all of you! I want to keep fighting the good fight and keep doing what I can to make a difference…while eating and drinking delicious drinks like this!

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Bali Adventures, Lombok Dreams and Singapore Tales

1st Leg: Bali Daze


Yes, I am a traveling vegan. Anywhere I go, I go vegan. It’s possible; don’t let anyone tell you it’s not. I also go prepared with snacks, proteins and vitamins juuusst in case.

This time, the adventure was on a giant scale. A global scale! Four mothers and four daughters (I the only traveling vegan) heading to Bali, Lombok and Singapore. A group of girls that have known each other since we were yea high. image

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Nutritional Knowledge

Summer Sushi Party Cooking Class with Spork Foodsimage

So I may have grown up in a house where my dad was a chef (definitely not a vegan one) and I do feel very naive for saying this, but I didn’t realize how much fun and engaging a cooking class could be! It’s only taken me…oh…almost 30 years!

I think it had to be the right combination–vegan, sushi and a pair of lovable sister chefs, to ignite a growing enthusiasm to expand my culinary skills.

We all know I’m a nutrition enthusiast and I create 90% of my meals, but out of habit I usually stay within my comfort zone. I don’t stray to far unless I’m “eating out the fridge” and then I have to get pretty creative.

This class energized me. I left feeling like a sushi chef about ready to go to Japan and work at a 5 star sushi restaurant. Ok ok, I may be exaggerating a tad but I was feeling great about what I was learning, retaining and creating.  

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Nutritional Knowledge

Don’t Buy Veggie Burgers with These Ingredients!


(example of two)

All veggie burgers are not created equal! There are some fantastic brands out there (like Hilary’s Eat Well) that take the time to research and create higher-quality frozen veggie patties then some of the most popular brands out there, like MorningStar and Boca. I remember years ago when I first tested the veggie patty waters and I became a big MorningStar fan. It’s almost a right of vegetarian/vegan passage. As my journey has progressed, my knowledge has too. Reading ingredients and understanding them are two different things. I know how it is to scan the list and feel, “It seems OK, it tastes pretty good and it’s not a dead animal, why not?”

I agree that half the battle is won, but don’t forget that while on your crusade YOUR health is important too. 

I personally like the underdogs in this story. Giant corporations are shipping tons and tons of product a day. Most of the larger companies are cutting corners and using lower quality ingredients that can be harmful to your health!  Through my research, I have noticed a universal understanding in smaller businesses. They are working towards creating a better quality product with less toxic and more natural ingredients. As well, they are working towards sustainability and mindfulness when it comes to production and the exploitation of our valuable resources.

Take a look at this write up on OneGreenPlanet that lists some of the most common harmful ingredients to watch out for and why. This write up also provides some very yummy looking alternatives. Why aren’t computers interactive yet?? I swear I can taste that delicious eggplant burger with caramelized onions mmm…

Product Finds

You CAN Go to a Bachelorette and Still Maintain A Vegan Lifestyle, Promise
-Joshua Tree Weekend-image

One of my bestie’s decided to celebrate her bachelorette with a few of her closest friends in an Airbnb in the Yucca Valley outside of Joshua Tree National Park. The weekend was to be filled with home-cooked meals, crafts, antiquing, drinks poolside, the local honkytonk bar and the overdue far-from-city feel we all needed.

The drive up took all the heart and soul my little Prius could muster.


I felt like I was in a quintessential Toyota commercial. Impressed with each turn I took on the wannabe road. Maneuvering over the rugged terrain without popping a tire. We were so off the grid, even Google maps declared us lost.

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1 week from today

I don’t normally do #tbt on my website, but this is also a thank you to the Vegan Community.

I want to #tbt to this little girl who turns 30 exactly a week from today.  

Life has given her blessings, obstacles, ups, downs, pain, anxiety, family, friends, goals, intellect, knowledge, skills, blonde moments, laughter, tears and above all love. Lots and lots of love. There have been many challenges throughout my life and I’m so thankful for the strength that I have. I broke through and I’m thriving on the other side. 

I want to give a big thank you to the Vegan community for the warm embrace. You keep fueling my long suppressed love for the vegan lifestyle, as well as my continued view in needing to fight for our health and the health of the ones who can’t fight for themselves. I have a passion, a heart and soul in doing what I do. Simple posts from the dinner I made, to calling attention to the abuse and horrors of the meat, dairy and seafood industries (to name a few).

I won’t stop shedding light, I won’t stop researching and spreading the word, I won’t stop posting great alternative products and restaurants, I won’t stop bringing to you the latest and greatest.

This is where our world is heading. We have no choice and that’s great! It’s great because we can’t sustain the way we are going. We need to change course and wake up! That means working towards compassion and towards nixing the word speciesism from our vocabulary. 

I am a Virgo. Hear me roar…passively and controlled. 
(Virgo’s will get that).

Product Finds

Dynamics of Nature: Vitaforce
A high quality, complete multivitamin made from the world’s most nutritious super foods, vegetables, fruits and probiotics. 


I remember a time where I use to mess around with tons and tons of supplements. I was always trying to find the right combination, the right brand, the right nutrients for my body.  I spent a fortune and I listened to a multitude of individuals both experts and pretend experts. It was exhausting and I was spending money I didn’t have. I knew that I was able to get a lot of the required nutrients from my diet but I also knew that with my long running digestion issues, energy levels, and food sensitivities, I was (still am but to a way lesser degree) always chasing that perfect combination to make me super human. I wanted to be that perfect example of health, fitness and sanity. Yeah. Don’t we all? The thing is, we are not meant to be perfect, we can get damn close but we are all unique individuals and in being so we each have a unique composition. We have to find the right working combination for ourselves and even that changes as our bodies change. What worked for you a year ago may not work for you now and that’s ok.

At this point, what we can do is find high quality products along with a well-rounded diet to help us sustain a balance.

You are in luck! I already spent my hard earned money and practiced on my body already so you wouldn’t have to!

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Regenerative Farming

Guest Blog: Regenerative Farming and Climate Change | The Kind Life

Our future is not pre determined. We have the ability to change the unfortunate course we are on but we need to band together, united, to make the necessary changes.

Regenerative farming can reverse the effects of climate change, clear the air and restore the atmosphere to pre-Industrial Age condition in as little as 20 years.

The ability to change is there. We are hitting the breaking point and soon there will be a point of no return. We don’t want to get to that point. Taking action to preserve the life and environment we have is vital. Why let our stunning home, our health, our children, our children’s children perish because we were too stubborn to implement change.

This article from The Kind Life states facts and presents an option. There are individuals out there working hard to find solutions, we just need to listen.

Personal Creations

Vegan Summer Potluck

My Contribution- The supposed Gluten-Free Mediterranean Greece-d Up Wraps turned Gluten-Free Pizza

I had a vision. The vision was cute homemade wraps, sliced nicely on a plate; so tasty looking you couldn’t help but think AWESOME!

Something like these Hummus Wraps created by Kathy Patalskyimage

Well…my vision and the end result slightly differed…and by slightly, I mean changed completely. I was really proud of myself for coming up with the name of the dish; Mediterranean Greec’d Up Wraps. Cute, right?

My intent was my homemade garlicky sundried tomato and artichoke hummus with sliced cucumbers, sprouts, olives and spinach in a brown rice tortilla wrap.

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Nutritional Knowledge

Simplest Health Tip Ever: Apple Cider Vinegar
Broken down Perfectly by Chalkboard Magazine


I am one for doing my own writing and research but when I came across this thoroughly informed article that had been executed well, it didn’t seem right for me to not pass it on to my followers. Why not share? We are here to help each other and I want to pass all the nutritional knowledge I come across, on to you. Enjoy and keeping passing the information (kreate the shift) to others.

From Chalkboard: We are well aware that as a Chalkboard reader, making healthy choices are a vital part of your day. From down dogs and chia bowls to urban hikes and oil-pulling, you recognize the importance of the small things and how each little practice during the week adds up to a healthier you overall.

This is one of our favorite simple health tips to add to your arsenal, to further improve your kale-loving way of life: Start drinking apple cider vinegar. The practice of drinking apple cider vinegar is as old as guzzling down castor oil. It is a traditional home remedy that has stood not only the test of time, but also the scrutiny of scientists, proving to be an effective way to improve health in many ways. Benefits include weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and improvement in the symptoms of diabetes. The best part is that including as little as a couple tablespoons into your diet a day can help. Here’s how…

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